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About Us

Sensitive to fragrance no problem 

The sense of smell is our most-evolved sense. Scents often evoke emotions and memories. At Laura Ronald, we understand the importance of this sense and use high-quality products to create our fragrance blends. All our candles and home fragrances are designed especially for those that enjoy fragrance but are sensitive to intense scents. 

Our Story

For many years as candle lovers, we wanted to create our candles, but with a different approach. We wanted to blend our fragrances to create a unique smell to Laura Ronald®. Every candle we make is poured with love and care of producing a quality product for every customer.

The company's name Laura Ronald® originated from the two people that taught us to be true to ourselves and create with love, our great-grandparents Laura and Ronald. They always made us feel at home and loved when we were together. We at Laura Ronald® hope our products will make you feel at home and loved no matter where you use them.

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